Give This World Good Energy

We are Nineyoga, a collective of teachers with a shared vision: To give this world good energy! Through the practices of Yoga, Meditation and Massage, we offer a diverse depth of knowledge and experience to provide you with an attentive and personalised experience.

Nineyoga blossomed into creation in 2017 as the personal project of our founder Jenine. Since then, it has evolved into a friendly nomadic yoga studio, taking up residency in spaces around Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Alt-Treptower. Each of our teachers brings their own background, specialities and experiences to their teaching and are united by our 5 core values which we believe set a solid foundation for a conscious and open learning environment.

Core Values

Support & Community:
Connecting and acknowledging each other, practicing together in unity.  

Joy & Acceptance: 
Laughter in learning; a celebration of life, free from judgment or self-criticism.  
Respect & Trust: 
Authentic, honest communication between students and teachers.
We welcome your questions!  
Commitment & Focus: 
Empowering you to take responsibility for your own practice and development. 
Inclusivity & Accessibility: 
We recognize the privilege of our backgrounds as white, western individuals. We truly believe in yoga for everyone and cultivate a culture of inclusivity and self-reflection. We are open to your feedback.

What We Do


By offering a varied depth of knowledge and experience, we provide you with an attentive and personalised yoga experience. Our classes reflect a commitment to regular practice and an intention to spark and inspire curiosity in yogis. The Asana (the physical practice of Yoga) offers a safe space for you to take what you need, whether that’s to get moving and sweaty or to gain understanding and stillness.

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We have classes throughout the week. Find one that suits your schedule.


Scheduling a massage is an ultimate gift to oneself! We see massage as a way to release static energy, transform the pain in the body and rebalance energetically. Jenine of Nine yoga is an experienced massage therapist with multiple Thai Massage and Shiatsu certifications. She relies on her intuitive connection with the client and extensive experience to determine the most beneficial massage approach.

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Nine yoga teachers organize a variety of retreats, near Berlin and away. All our retreats are in close connection with nature and encompass all of the four elements. Program includes two yoga classes a day, meditation practices, breath work, sound healing and delicious vegan food. We like providing easy and affordable opportunities to leave the city, detox, deepen yoga practice and create a community of like-minded yogis.

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Nineyoga teachers offer workshops in different yoga styles and covering diverse topics. From workshopping a specific asana to exploring inversions and pranayama techniques, each teacher draws on their personal experience and expertise to assist our community in deepening specific aspects of the practice.

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Our Teachers

Founder/Yoga Teacher

Jenine turned her passion for yoga into her profession through the founding of nine yoga in 2017. With a total of 700 hours of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India, as well as workshops with inspiring Western yogis, she has the perfect skills for guiding you through a thorough, well-rounded yoga session.

Yoga Teacher

Having started her long journey of exploring the possibilities of the human body with ballet dancing, Grace began teaching yoga in 2015 after almost a decade of practice. She aspires to be attentive and listen to the students in her classes, providing space for them to create their own individual experiences of yoga.

Yoga Teacher

After practicing yoga for many years, Clara started her teaching path in Mysore, India, where she first met Jenine. When she moved back to her native home Berlin in 2018, Clara joined the nine yoga collective, where her classes aim to provide a precious space for introspection and self-care.

Yoga Teacher

Mina has always been curious about the subtle ways of being. What happens when we stop the thinking, forget about the time, and fully feel all that we are. She discovered this wholeness in her yoga and meditation practice and now she aims to share it with my students. Minas classes are about feeling curious, playful and reconnecting to that part of yourself that is always there- still & ready to create.

Yoga Teacher

Having started her long journey of exploring the possibilities of the human body with ballet dancing, Grace began teaching yoga in 2015 after almost a decade of practice. She aspires to be attentive and listen to the students in her classes, providing space for them to create their own individual experiences of yoga.

Yoga Teacher

Valerie is passionate about helping people experience more awareness, joy, and agency in their lives using yoga and massage. Valerie teaches restorative yoga to wind down the body and mind, yin yoga to release joints and fascia of built-up tension, or a slower flow to grow strength and flexibility with awareness. At the heart of her teaching is the dedication to find simple and effective tools to deal with the challenges that can arise in life.


I had a class with Jenine last Tuesday and it was really really great. I enjoyed her teaching, her sequence, her adjustments and the Tibetan bowls in the end. Many thanks.

Camille Pathya

I wasn’t super familiar with yoga when I first joined one of Jenine’s classes, and I was still trying out different meetups and studios in order to find what was the best match for me. After my trial with Jenine I stopped looking! She has lots of skill, every class is different and the sequences are the perfect mix of relaxation and challenges. She will help you correct your posture, and will give you tips to take every position to the next level, if you wish to. The tibetan bowls and cosy tea time afterwards simply complete an amazing experience every time!

Kiaretta Colombo

I had two yoga classes with Jenine. I love how comfortable she made me feel. It was in the way she set up the ambience (burning candles, soft music, warm tea in an old house with wooden floor); it was in her voice, the way she moved slowly close to us and silently corrected our movements, how comfortable she carried herself. I also love how she combined the sound healing and massage technique with the yoga practice. I always finished feeling much more heart-centered and grounded.

Lu Zhang

Jenine’s classes are a balanced, deep and knowledgeable combination of the physical and spiritual. Her grounded approach, individual style and passion for holistic wellness really shines through. The sound bowl experience is an additional layer I really love in her sessions. I always feel inspired, refreshed and have a relaxed yoga glow after a class with Jenine.

Caroline Chameleon

Yoga here is always different! Back then with USC I tried many yoga studios and teachers and was often disappointed when I went again, because many do the same stuff every class. At Nine Yoga they combine different yoga styles and there is a new focus every month, that is expressed in the asanas. Who loves yoga with acrobatic elements and who has a real interest in spiritual work should go there. I do yoga here for more than 2 years and made a huge progress. Thanks for that xx.

Isabella L.

Great teacher with profound knowledge. She prepares every class individually with a theme/topic in mind, every class includes pranayama, meditation and intense asana practice. I can HIGHLY recommend.

Gabriela S.

Our Locations

Manteuffelstraße 40
10997 Berlin

Ring the buzzer Sportetage at the second set of big red doors. Go through the backyard to the end, and enter the last blue door on the right. We are on the 3rd floor.

Weichselstraße 53
12045 Berlin

Please ring the bell Praxis. We are on the ground floor.

Buddhistisches Tor
Grimmstraße 11c
10967 Berlin

Go through the big gates at 11c to the backyard, you will see a ramp going to the Buddhistisches Tor. We are in the main room past the kitchen on the ground floor.

Urban Healing Unit
Moosdorfstraße 7-9
12435 Berlin

At the end of the street turn left. If you are in the backyard turn right and go to the end of the yard. At the end of the yard turn right and use the stairwell to the second floor.

Molecule Man Outdoors
Martin-Hoffmann-Straße 25
12435 Berlin

Our outside spot at the Molecule Man sculpture on the Spree. Entrance at Martin-Hoffmannstraße, then walk towards the river. We are on the sunny grassy spot located between the twin towers and Treptower Park. If you’re lost, call me!

Schierker Str. 8
12051 Berlin

We will sit together in the peaceful surroundings of the Körnerpark. We will begin at 8am, so you can join in when you see us, or meet at 7:50am by the Zitrone Cafe, inside of the park. If you are lost, call Grace on the number below.

Ashtanga Yoga Shala
Dieffenbachstraße 36
10967 Berlin
HAR Studio
Urbanstraße 116
Treppenhaus 5, Ground Floor
10967 Berlin

Walk straight till the end of the long hall, till you see the fence, before you reach it, on the left side you will find a metal door with the sign Har Studio.

Rent 24
Oberwallstraße 6
10117 Berlin

Yoga is in the lounge, please ask at reception.

Somatic Academy Berlin
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30
10999 Berlin